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Publisher's description

LGtool is one of the best software to service, unlock and repair most of LG phones: GSM and CDMA, as well from simplest models to top-level smartphones and tablets.

Main Features:

- Read/Write Full
- Read/Write NVM
- Read/Write File System
- Read/Write Security
- Flash firmware
- Unlock
- Read Lock codes
- Lock MCC/MNC detection
- Lock phone by MCC/MNC
- Read/write Bluetooth address
- Read/repair IMEI
- Read/repair IMEI2
- Factory reset
- Cpu detection
- Hack status detection
- Repair "Yellow screen"

- Read/Write SPC
- Read/Write OTKSL
- Read/Write ESN
- Read/Write MEID
- Read/Write Phone number(MDN)
- Read/Write SID/NID
- Read SSD_A, SSD_B
- Read/Write PRL
- Read User Lock Code
- Read/Write Digital MIN
- Read/Write AKEY
- Dump/Flash NVM
- Flash firmware
- Read/Write ERI
- Read/Write EFS
- Refurbishment (repair blink)

What's new in version 1.3

-Added support for almost of HTC phones!
-World first support for LG X350!
-Instant unlock by IMEI/ESN/MSN for LG, Alcatel, -Motorola, Huawei and HTC phones still free!

-Added Models

LG: X350 - World first!
- Calculate unlock codes

HTC: all, except Sensation 4G, Sensation, Legend and Disire HD
- Calculate unlock codes (beta)
New features:

LG: AX310, AX585, CX5500, CX9600, LN240, LX265, MN240, MT310, MX310, UX310, UX585, VX5500, VX9600
- Firmware flashing copies additional system files into file system after burning

Qulacomm LG CDMA models
- Extracting information form flashfile after user has selected it in open dialog

- Alcatel:
- Added 353 new Provider IDs to Alcatel Remote Calculator:
252X-2CVDLK1, 602X-2HALIE1, 355A-2AMVPY1, 385X-2ABGGE1,
385X-2CALRU1, 585X-2DALDE1, 813A-ACLIAR2, 109X-2EALNC1,
901A-2DAVDO3, 810X-2GALNL1, 606X-2IALTN1, 602DX-2CSKID3,
818X-2CALES1, 355X-2FALPL1, 901A-2DCECO3, 665X-2IAEUY1,
813X-2DALBE1, 803X-2EAEUY1, 113X-2CAZTE3, 209X-2KALBE1,
602X-2GYGES5, 808X-2CALUA1, 209X-2ZALBE1, 818X-2GVDMK1,
385JA-2BCECO3, 810X-2CALGR1, 813FX-2DRGPL3, 813FX-2DRGES3,
109X-2ARGVU3, 810X-2CALEU1, 602X-2AALIE1, 255X-2ALDUS1,
808X-2FVDMK1, 813A-2CLDUS1, 306X-2FALUA1, 585DX-2CALEU1,
255X-2AM9MZ1, 606X-2CALKE1, 306A-2CLDUS1, 665X-2BAEUY1,
905A-2BMVSV1, 818X-2BOPNC1, 810A-2CALMX1, 818DX-2BALPL1,
209X-25ALBE1, 819X-2AEBES1, 209X-2DALBE1, 810X-2CRGPL1,
209X-2SALBE1, 306X-2ESFFR1, 810X-2GALRS1, 252X-2DVDLK1,
355A-2BMVPY1, 385X-2BBGGE1, 905A-2ALDUS1, 813A-ADLIAR2,
355X-2AALLK1, 602DX-2DSKID3, 818DX-2DM6LK1, 818X-2DALES1,
665X-2JAEUY1, 602DX-2GSKID1, 585DX-2AALES1, 813X-2EALBE1,
209X-2LALBE1, 901A-2ATGMX1, 602X-2HYGES5, 385JA-2CCECO3,
813FX-2ERGPL3, 813FX-2ERGES3, 109X-2BRGVU3, 602X-2BALIE1,
255X-2BLDUS1, 606X-2CALTN1, 255X-2BM9MZ1, 606X-2DALKE1,
306A-2DLDUS1, 665X-2CAEUY1, 905A-2CMVSV1, 818X-2COPNC1,
818DX-2CALPL1, 209X-26ALBE1, 819X-2BEBES1, 209X-2EALBE1,
602X-2AYGES5, 209X-2TALBE1, 818X-2AVDMK1, 109X-2ETMCV1,
306X-2FSFFR1, 252X-2EVDLK1, 385X-2CBGGE1, 905A-2BLDUS1,
813A-AELIAR2, 355X-2BALLK1, 813FX-2ATBGB1, 602DX-2ESKID3,
818X-2EALES1, 355X-2GATNE1, 602DX-2HSKID1, 585DX-2BALES1,
602X-2GEBES1, 209X-2MALBE1, 901A-2BTGMX1, 585DX-2AALAP1,
818A-2ATLUY1, 109X-2CRGVU3, 585DX-2AALFR1, 602X-2CALIE1,
255X-2CLDUS1, 819X-2AALBE1, 606X-2DALTN1, 255X-2CM9MZ1,
606X-2EALKE1, 306A-2ELDUS1, 109X-2ET2CV1, 109X-2EALPT1,
585DX-2AALEG1, 602DX-2ASKID1, 818X-2DOPNC1, 818DX-2DALPL1,
385X-2AALEU0, 209X-2FALBE1, 602X-2BYGES5, 606X-2KALEU1,
209X-2UALBE1, 818X-2BVDMK1, 808X-2AVDMK1, 109X-2EALIR1,
252X-2FVDLK1, 306X-2AALUA1, 506A-2ALDUS1, 905A-2CLDUS1,
813FX-2BTBGB1, 385DX-2DBGRU1, 602DX-2FSKID3, 385A-2AALMX0,
385JA-2AALUS2, 810X-2CALPL1, 818X-2FALES1, 585DX-2CALES1,
109X-2ERGKE9, 355DX-2AVDGH1, 385DX-2AALRU1, 602X-2HEBES1,
209X-2NALBE1, 901A-2CTGMX1, 109X-2EALEU1, 585DX-2BALAP1,
803A-2FTGMX1, 818A-2BTLUY1, 109X-2DRGVU3, 585DX-2BALFR1,
602X-2DALIE1, 255X-2DLDUS1, 813A-2FLDUS1, 109X-2EG2GW3,
810X-2CALNL1, 819X-2BALBE1, 606X-2EALTN1, 255X-2DM9MZ1,
606X-2FALKE1, 306A-2FLDUS1, 799A-2ATLGT3, 355X-2AATNE1,
585DX-2BALEG1, 602DX-2BSKID1, 818X-2EOPNC1, F152X-2BSFEU0,
818DX-2EALPL1, 803X-2AAEUY1, 385X-2BALEU0, 602X-2AEBES1,
209X-2GALBE1, 602X-2CYGES5, 209X-2VALBE1, 818X-2CVDMK1,
808X-2BVDMK1, 665X-2AOTFA1, 506A-2AMVHNA, 306X-2BALUA1,
506A-2BLDUS1, 813FX-2CTBGB1, 385DX-2EBGRU1, 602DX-2GSKID3,
385A-2BALMX0, 385JA-2BALUS2, 818X-2GALES1, 706X-2AAEUY1,
819A-2AUFMX1, 385X-2AALEU1, 585DX-2DALES1, 355DX-2BVDGH1,
385DX-2BALRU1, 813A-2FIMMX1, 901A-2DTGMX1, 706X-2AALUA1,
585DX-2CALAP1, 803A-2GTGMX1, 306X-2ASFFR1, 818A-2CTLUY1,
810X-2GALGR1, 109X-2ERGVU3, 810X-2CALRS1, 585DX-2CALFR1,
602X-2ETNME1, 665X-2IOTFA1, 813A-2GLDUS1, 818DX-2AALEU1,
585X-2AALDE1, 901A-2AAVDO3, 606X-2FALTN1, 819A-2AIMMX1,
585DX-2AALEU0, 105X-2AVDRO1, 606X-2GALKE1, 109X-2EALRU1,
799A-2BTLGT3, 355X-2BATNE1, 901A-2ACECO3, 585DX-2CALEG1,
602DX-2CSKID1, 818X-2FOPNC1, 606X-2IALFR1, 818DX-2FALPL1,
813X-2AALBE1, 803X-2BAEUY1, 385X-2CALEU0, 602X-2BEBES1,
209X-2HALBE1, 602X-2DYGES5, 810X-2GRGPL1, 209X-2WALBE1,
818X-2DVDMK1, 813FX-2ARGPL3, 813FX-2ARGES3, 808X-2CVDMK1,
665X-2BOTFA1, 506A-2BMVHNA, 109X-2EVDFJ1, 306X-2CALUA1,
813FX-2DTBGB1, 602DX-2HSKID3, 385A-2CALMX0, 385JA-2CALUS2,
F152X-2BSFEU1, 706X-2BAEUY1, 109X-2EALUA1, 819A-2BUFMX1,
385X-2BALEU1, 209X-2AALBE1, 385DX-2CALRU1, 109X-2EM1TE9,
813A-2GIMMX1, 109X-2ERGTE9, 209X-2PALBE1, 706X-2BALUA1,
585DX-2DALAP1, 803A-2HTGMX1, 306X-2BSFFR1, 818A-2DTLUY1,
252X-2AVDLK1, 585DX-2DALFR1, 602X-2FTNME1, 665X-2JOTFA1,
385X-2AALRU1, 813A-2HLDUS1, 818DX-2BALEU1, 585X-2BALDE1,
813A-AALIAR2, 901A-2BAVDO3, 606X-2GALTN1, 819A-2BIMMX1,
602DX-2ASKID3, 585DX-2BALEU0, 105X-2BVDRO1, 606X-2HALKE1,
818X-2AALES1, 901A-2BCECO3, 585DX-2DALEG1, 602DX-2DSKID1,
818X-2GOPNC1, 818DX-2GALPL1, 813X-2BALBE1, 803X-2CAEUY1,
602X-2CEBES1, 113X-2AAZTE3, 209X-2IALBE1, 808X-2AALUA1,

- bug fixed:
- Program crush on indian models disconnect fixed
- PRL restoring bug fixed

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    Guest Last year

    More than 2 years ago, this was great because it was free, now it is an overpriced add-on with the zero support. It only supports older phones, don't waste your money.